Road Ranger

Mack Road Ranger

Our Road Ranger truck is available to conduct training from Heavy Rigid all the way to Multi Combination. It is rated to tow up to 90 Tonne.

It has an Eaton Fuller 18 speed gearbox.
If you use this truck for your training, you will have no restriction on your licence. This truck covers you for all gearboxes hence giving you the most options.

Most people who can already go down gears can learn this truck within 1 day. If you have never driven this gearbox it can take 2 days to learn. If you can’t go down gears within 4 hours we will let you know your options.

When you drive this truck for the first time there will be nothing graceful about it. It will be like our driver trainers trying to learn Ballet, there is an art to driving this gearbox. If you are doing anything wrong this gearbox will grind until you correct your mistake, the gear stick will literally break before allowing you to go into gear if you are doing anything wrong. The Road Ranger gearbox is designed to protect the truck and it’s running gear. This truck has seen a lot of tears and heard a lot of bad language. If you manage to understand this gearbox it won’t be hard for you to find a job as this skill is in high demand.

All our trucks are inspected every year, so you can rest assured all our trucks are maintained to the highest standard.

We have a few transport companies call every month asking if there are any people who have completed their Multi Combination Training in this truck. These companies do not require people who complete have their open Heavy Rigid licence and upgrade to Multi Combination in the Automatic truck.

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