About Us

About Us
  • Truck Driver Training
  • Civil Machinery Assessments
  • Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Heavy Vehicle Training have training centres in both Albany and Kalgoorlie. Where as in Regional areas we work with the Community and Resources Centres and use these centres for our meeting point and training.

Heavy Vehicle Training offer training in
• Truck Driver Training. Heavy Rigid to Multi Combination
• Civil Machinery Assessments
• Assistance with Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Truck Driver Training

Primarily we can conduct Truck Driver Training & Assessing. Our trainers have extensive experience driving trucks and are very patient and understanding towards our students. As a result we have a great turn out of drivers that are safe on the road and with other drivers.
Our trucks travel from Albany to Kalgoorlie on a regular basis. It usually takes about a week to travel between our bases. We stop on the way conducting Truck Driver Training in the regional towns. We either travel directly through the Great Southern or we may head up to Great Eastern Hwy, it depends who wants training and where, we try to accommodate so that everyone has access to this type of training.
The benefits are that we can offer a service to the regional towns without having a minimum amount of people. We are already travelling so we don’t charge travel costs in the regional areas.

Civil Machinery Assessments

We conduct Civil Machinery Assessments in the Great Southern Region only. We conduct this service to compliment our truck driver training.

Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Heavy Vehicle Training have people experienced in assisting business comply with Heavy Vehicle Accreditation. To start this process, we have a meeting to see where you are compliant and where you are not. We can help you put procedures in place to comply and pass your audit.

Need different types of training

If there is training that you require that is not listed, please contact us to see if we can deliver the training for you or we can organise one of our partners to deliver it for you.

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